Intergenerational Enrichment

IntergenerationalWe welcome people from all walks of life to participate. Our church leaders are committed to get to know your hopes and discover with you God’s vision for the development of your giftedness and life opportunities.

We come from various denominational backgrounds and cultural heritages. Together we are learning to appreciate that Christ treasures each unique soul and together we find personal inspiration to live an abundant fulfilling Christ-like life

Seniors: We cherish the treasury of experiences and mature wisdom of mentors.

Singles: We welcome the insight, fellowship and partnership of singles of all ages

Parents: We admire the commitment of parents and aim to support them resourcefully

Youth: We enjoy enriching the ventures, learning options, and development of youth and children

Christ blessed people at each age and stage with awareness that they were treasured by God and had purpose as partners with God in conveying renewing grace and redeeming love. That spiritual atmosphere is what we aim to convey.