Legacy Garden

Pompton Reformed Church

Legacy Garden

New Brick Order Forms for our beautiful Legacy Garden are available in Fellowship Hall .  $100 per brick, with up to 28 spaces for your remembrance or celebration.


The Endowment Committee is proposing a long-term program directed to the beautification of the grounds surrounding the Church and the Gerrit Heemstra Memorial Building (Friendship Hall). The first phase in this program isthe creation of the Legacy Garden prominently located in the roughly triangular area next to the playground and to the right of the west side entrance of the Heemstra Building. Within the Garden will be an area consisting of engraved commemorative bricks that will be surrounded by bushes, shrubs, two benches and a central tree planting. The inscriptions on these bricks may, for example, commemorate a deceased loved one, or celebrate a family or a special event such as an anniversary, wedding, birth of a child, or honor a living person. Your purchase of a commemorative brick will not only make a special remembrance for you but also will make you a participant in the creation of the Legacy Garden and in the long term improvement program of the Pompton Reformed Church grounds. Please use the order form below for your inscription.

Please click on the below link for more information and order form.

Legacy Garden Bricks